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I hadn't enjoyed yoga at a previous attempt, but this class couldn't be more different. Martina's class provides an oasis of peace, respite from the mental agony of coping with your cancer diagnosis. The moves are built up gently, with explanation and meditation interwoven. Everyone is in treatment or recovery, and the group is wonderfully supportive and understanding. Martina helps each of us individually to make the most of the class within our own physical abilities. I leave each week calm and refreshed, and I feel myself relax as soon as I walk in for the next class. This is first class therapy that should be on prescription.
(Ruth from course  Wellbeing despite cancer)

Thank you Martina for our class today! The space you provide and your classes are priceless to me...namaste... (Claire M)

Many thanks for your help over the last 6 weeks. Taking up yoga has been extremely pleasurable if more painful than expected at times!! Your approach to the sessions has really helped in my day to day life, thank you. (Steve M)

Wow what an amazing yoga session we had last night, my back has never felt so supple after that (although I know I have worked it!!) (Steve)

I first met Martina a few months ago, I was looking to get back into yoga after being diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing treatment ,feeling stiff and felt I had lost flexibility.  I did not the confidence to return to a class but Martina has been working with me on a one to one and helped me realize that I can move better than I thought, the yoga poses have been challenging but the difference it has made has been a revelation, so much so I no longer need to see the lymphatic nurse, I have much more movement in my arm and shoulder and I am now looking forward to joining one of Martina’s classes. 
(Carol A.)

My partner and I have been going to Martina’s Saturday class for quite a while.  Each time we come away with a new sense of spiritual renewal.  Its not just that Martina is good at the yoga poses and flow in between, seamlessly linking everything, so that before you know it the class is over.  No its more that she brings to each class a lot of personal thought and planning. Every time she comes up with a well thought out message and theme which you can take into the next week. These often resonate with us as we go out into the world and face whatever comes next.  She really does do what it “says on the tin”. We have no hesitation in recommending you try one of her sessions because they are very practically based whatever your age.
(Pamela R & Stephen S)

Martina's yoga classes are always physically and mentally enriching. Her classes are thoughtful, challenging, reflective and fun. Martina packs an awful lot into 75 minutes and I go home feeling stretched, relaxed and content. I like the atmosphere, the varied themed focus of Martina's classes and the venue. 
(Annie B.)

I have been a student of hatha yoga for 16 years and recently joined Martina's group. I am delighted to have found her, she has a wonderful ability to combine spiritual teachings and concepts with the physical movements of the yoga practice.  The practice she offers is both spiritually gentle and nurturing and physically demanding and robust!
(Liz J.)

The thing I most like about your lessons is that it is clear that you totally embody the practice - this is for me the most important thing of a great teacher! Your sequences always have a lovely flow to them and I never fail to come away feeling refreshed and uplifted.
(Joanna K.)

Martina brings a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, in a wide range of contexts that brings a unique richness to her thoughtful and purposeful practice. She seeks ethical purpose and is trustworthy in her strident aim to enhance the wellbeing of those she is in contact with while striving for equality of opportunity and social justice for all.Martina is an excellent communicator, in writing and in person with a wide range of audiences from children, families and colleagues to conference and website audiences. Martina’s abilities in forming, developing and sustaining relationships and partnerships is second to none - I have extraordinary respect for her ability to marry the professional and personal relationship without over-reaching boundaries and while maintaining a deep level of respect, even when significantly challenged. Children and young people she has worked with have voluntarily made it known to social workers and managers how much they appreciate her and her approach to working with them - they see and appreciate her authenticity, professional integrity and her very human side, which includes a warm sense of humour.
(Robyn K.)

It has been in no small measure thanks to Martina’s passion, commitment and energy that we have embraced Social Pedagogy as a positive way forward for us in fostering. 
(Sonja H.)

as social pedagogy
(Social Pedagogy offers)

I am a social pedagogue specialist in humanistic counselling, health promotion, education and community work. For over 20 years I have worked with children, young people and adults in various social care settings. After moving to the UK in 2008 I have worked in two projects introducing social pedagogy into residential care and into foster care.

My passion for social justice and the wish to contribute to other peoples' wellbeing informed my choice to become a Social Pedagogue many years ago and have been strong drivers of my practice since.  I deeply enjoy seeing people flourish, actively taking responsibility for their lives and embracing change.

I am working alongside people in this processes and share the joy as well as the pain on those journeys.  With various creative methods I provide a safe space to discover ones inner resources, resilience and unique strengths.

Being comfortable in the uncomfortable position of an active change agent with a good eye for systemic dynamics and a likeness of detailed exploration, I have inspired and nurtured Social pedagogy journeys in organisation of the social care sector.

I offer a wide range of Social Pedagogy work starting from individual case work with families, individual life coaching, over providing learning spaces for professionals to consultancy for organisation.  Please feel free to get in touch so we can explore and co-construct what Social pedagogy can contribute to what is needed in your or your organisation's specific context.
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