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“The journey of thousand miles begins with the first step” Lao Tzu

If you interested to learn how to de-stress your life, if you are keen in living your true potential, if you wish for a change or if you just stuck and have no idea where you would like to be, just to name a few scenarios.  Any point is a good starting point. Get in touch and let us discuss and reflect how Social Pedagogy, Yoga and Mindfulness may provide unique Spaces for Wellbeing for you.

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I am a social pedagogue specialist in humanistic counselling, health promotion, education and community work. For over 20 years I have worked with children, young people and adults in various social care settings. After moving to the UK in 2008 I have worked in two projects introducing social pedagogy into residential care and into foster care.

My passion for social justice and the wish to contribute to other peoples' wellbeing informed my choice to become a Social Pedagogue many years ago and have been strong drivers of my practice since.  I deeply enjoy seeing people flourish, actively taking responsibility for their lives and embracing change.

I am working alongside people in this processes and share the joy as well as the pain on those journeys.  With various creative methods I provide a safe space to discover ones inner resources, resilience and unique strengths.

Being comfortable in the uncomfortable position of an active change agent with a good eye for systemic dynamics and a likeness of detailed exploration, I have inspired and nurtured Social pedagogy journeys in organisation of the social care sector.

I offer a wide range of Social Pedagogy work starting from individual case work with families, individual life coaching, over providing learning spaces for professionals to consultancy for organisation.  Please feel free to get in touch so we can explore and co-construct what Social pedagogy can contribute to what is needed in your or your organisation's specific context.

I am member of those two professional bodies, please click on the links below:

Yoga Alliance Professionals
Social Pedagogy Professional Association
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